Mary Bartlett Irvine
Born: 10 October 1833 - Died: November 1871
Married: Charles Fowler Baldwin
Born: Unknown - Died: 23 October 1869

MARY BARTLETT IRVINE, according to James Clarke Irvine, Mary. B. was the 4th child and 3rd daughter of James Callender Irvine and Martha Nevin Bartlett. According to her grand daughter, Mary Ellen nee Dickenson Bogardus, Ellen was 5th child and 4th daughter. She was born in Mt. Vernon 10th Oct., 1833, and was married to Charles Fowler Baldwin, publisher of the Republican News of Mt. Vernon, dying in November, 1871 – nearly 4 years after the birth of her only child, Mary – or Maimee as she was known. Six years later her husband was to marry her younger sister Rebecca.

MARY BALDWIN, only child of Charles Baldwin and Mary Bartlett Irvine was born 1st Feb., 1868, in Mt. Vernon. Her mother’s death in Nov. ’71 left her under the care of her Aunts Matt and Rebecca in the home of her Grandparents at 110 E. Gambier St. Her schooling was through high school, and though no specifics of her girlhood have been forthcoming the lady known to me for 3 years gave evidence of exemplary rearing under happy circumstances – for she was a gentle, refined and loving motherly personage. Rapport with her Aunt-Stepmother Beck and her family created an atmosphere of congeniality and comfort.

When 19 years of age (25 Oct., ’87) she was married to Addison C. Dickenson, and old Mt. Vernon family product – but temporarily a fur dealer in Minneapolis, which city was their home until 1890. Other moves are recorded with notes of her husband. Maimee was deeply in love, and many instances are remembered of the regard and respect mutually evident between then. She died 18th May, 1921.


Addison C. Dickenson, husband of above, was born 15th Dec., 1864. His parents were an old and well established Mt. Vernon family. Assisted by his father he established a fur business in Minneapolis, Minn. In 1890 he returned to Mt. Vernon and engaged in reportorial and managerial work under his father-in-law (Chas. F. Baldwin) for the Republican News. About 1895, he established and managed a newspaper in Canton, Ohio, while publishing the American Tribune of Newark, Ohio from 1900 to ’05. He later owned and supervised management of papers in New Castle and Sharon, Penn. – owning the latter until his death.

After Maimee (or Mamie) died Addison re-married – to an old and close friend of Maimee’s – Mannie Stamp Ogelvie, on 24th April, 1922, whereupon he moved from the old Irvine home to the Ogelvie property at 401 East Gambier. He died 16th Oct., 1944 – Mannie having preceded him by several years.

Maimee, Addison, and Mannie are buried in Mound View Cemetery.

Issue of Mary Baldwin and Addison C. Dickenson: -

Mary Ellen Dickenson.

Addison Goff Dickenson.

Charles Baldwin Dickenson.

Bishop Irvine Dickenson.


MARY ELLEN DICKENSON, 1st child of above was born in Minneapolis, Minn., on 5th May, 1889. When but a year old the family moved back to Mt. Vernon and Mary’s schooling began. Such a good student – after high school going for a degree to Smith College, special business courses at Wellesley, then matriculated at Western Reserve Medical School in 1918 (to which she couldn’t adjust) – that the opposite gender played little part in her thoughts until, on 31st Aug., 1921 she was married to Thomas Lowe Bogardus, and old Mt. Vernon orchard owning family. The following 9 years were to produce 5 additions to the household, and Mary was much too busy with home and Episcopal church affiliations to cogitate on what she might be missing because of her withdrawal from a medical career. A casual inspection of her home left little doubt that none of her great grandmother’s "small hand and aversion to housekeeping" had been allotted to Mary.

Tom, born 25th Aug., 1885, was an orchard man – the application of whose education evolved an expertise that produced a prosperous business. A specialty was "quality apples" – accomplished by meticulously demanding the tree of its imperfectly forming fruit, resulting in all nourishing substance going toward development of large and richly flavored specimens. Somewhat the same principles were directed toward the children – a design to guide his progeny toward that decorum of conduct acceptable not alone to himself but of which the community could be proud. The family, after the death of Mary’s step-mother, resided with Mary’s father in the Stamp/Ogelvie home at 401 East Gambier Street, Mary continued to live there for some time – Tom having died 18 Jan., 1960.


WILLIAM DICKENSON BOGARDUS, 1st child of above was born 21st July, 1922, in Mt. Vernon. Public school education and developed from being his father’s handyman about the orchard duties to full capability as manager. Married Elizabeth Taylor, b. Feb, 1942; no issue.

For several years prior to his demise in the mid-50’s Bill was a victim of multiple sclerosis, being hospitalized several times for intensive therapy but to no avail.


THOMAS LOWE BOGARDUS JR, born in Mt. Vernon 9th July, 1924. Vacation unknown; married Edith Cist Briteaux of Mt. Vernon, born 30th Nov., 1926. Issue :- 3 daughters and 2 sons –

Nancy Bogardus, b 22nd May, 1952.

William Dickenson Bogardus, b. 5th Jan., 1954.

Kristina Bogardus, b. 21st June, 1955.

Ellen Bogardus, b. 15th Nov., 1957.

Thomas Lowe Bogardus III, 10th June, 1960.

MARY CONSTANCE BOGARDUS, born 6th Dec. 1925. Married George Dudley Sheldon of Riverside, Conn., a yacht club devotee, and manager and sales manager Mastics Div., Container Corp. George’s great grandfather was the builder of the Crystal Palace in New York and founded the Metropolitan Art Gallery. Issue – 4 sons and 1 daughter.

Children and Grandchildren of

Mary Ellen Dickenson and Thomas Lowe Bogardus

George Dudley Sheldon II, b. 8th Dec., 1949

Thomas Bogardus Sheldon, b. 2nd July, 1951.

Mary Dickenson Sheldon, b. 21st Sept., 1954.

Samuel Spencer Sheldon, b. 27th July, 1959.

Christian Edward Detmold Sheldon, b. 17th Jan.,1962.

* * *

PETER BALDWIN BOGARDUS, 4th child of Mary Ellen Dickenson and Thomas Lowe Bogardus, was born in Mt. Vernon 5th May, 1929. Graduated from high school then studied medicine at University of Cincinnati. Practice.

Married Shirley Ridar, b.

Issue – 2 children.

Betsy Bogardus, b. Nov., 22, 1958.

Andrew Leonard Bogardus, b. June 5, 1960.

* * *

EDNA SHERRY BOGARDUS, 5th and last child of Mary Ellen Dickenson and Thomas Lowe Bogardus, was born 24th May, 1932 in Mt. Vernon.

* * *

ADDISON GOFF DICKENSON, 2nd child to Mary (Maimee) Baldwin and Addison C. Dickenson, was born 29th May, 1891 Mt. Vernon. With the examples before him of a father and grandfather and uncle in the news gathering business Addison quite logically followed their footsteps., His was largely reportorial work – with the local Republican News and later with his father’s papers in Sharon and New Castle. In 1915 he was married to Olga Kinsley – one child being the issue. In 1924 he transferred to the Cleveland Press. His extra-curricular activities had long kept Olga upset and a divorce occurred in 1925. In 1929 he was re-married to Marjorie Kendall after transferring to Philadelphia, where he died 7th Jan., 1936.


John Kendall Dickenson, b. Philadelphia, 26th Feb., 1931.

No knowledge, but the issue: -

Dolores Jean Dickenson, b. 2nd Aug., 1959.

Patricia Ann Dickenson, b. 17th Jan., 1962.

CHARLES BALDWIN DICKENSON, 3rd child of Mary (Maimee) Baldwin and Addison C. Dickenson, born in Mt. Vernon 6th Aug., 1893. Grade and high school education advanced study unknown. Became a chiropractic physician in Columbus, Ohio, where he married Agnes Bryant in 1920. A daughter was born – followed by a divorce in 5-6 years. Baldwin then transferred his operations to Littlerock, Ark., and through the inadequate or uncooperative State laws added X-ray work to his repertoire. A 2nd marriage occurred with Thelma, date unknown. Retired to St. Petersburg, Fla.


Marion Dickenson, b. 21st June, 1921. Information wanting.

BISHOP IRVINE DICKENSON, 4th and last child of Mary Baldwin and Addison C. Dickenson, born in Mt. Vernon 29th July, 1898. After high school a college was attended – Kenyon I believe – but graduation is unknown. Preparation was to follow his father’s newspaper beat – departed Mt. Vernon for Newark, Ohio, whether with his father’s paper or other is unknown. There married Marissa Montgomery to whom 2 sons were born.


Addison Montgomery Dickenson, b. 23rd June. 1931.

Richard Bishop Dickenson, b. 26th Oct., 1932.