George Richardson Irvine, Jr.
b. 11/16/1932 in Mobile AL
m. Anne Carter on 10/26/1957 in Mobile AL at Saint Mary's Catholic Church
b. 10/8/1932
div. in Fairhope, AL (3/2/1992)

GEORGE, or as everyone knows him, Richie, born in Mobile, Alabama, 16th November, 1932, the 1st child of George Richardson Irvine and Lucille Starke. Richie attended Convental Mercy, Little Flower, Mobile AL and was a graduate of McGill Institute, Mobile, AL. in 1950. He is a 1954 graduate of the University of Alabama where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in General Business with an Option in Real Estate. He joined the US Naval Reserves as a Seaman and served from 1948-1952. In 1954, he Joined the US Army as a 1st Lieutenant until 1956. In the Army, he served as a member of the US Army Signal Corps and remained in the Army Reserves until 1962.

(pictured: Richie and niece Kate, xmas 1999)

In November 1956, Richie joined Cowan-Irvine Real Estate, owned by his father, Geo. R Irvine and L.A. Cowan (brother of Patrick Cowan, married to Mildred Starke, sister of Lucille Starke). In 1957, Richie formed Irvine-O'Neil Real Estate Co. in Mobile, AL. He worked for Riley Smith Inc. from 1959-1961 when he formed Irvine and Co. Inc. which was in existence from 1961-1962. During this time, Richie was on the Board of Directors for the Mobile County Board of Realtors; President of the Mobile Association of Home Builders; National Director of the Association of Home Builders and President of the Parade of Homes of Mobile, AL in 1961 where he published the 1st Plan Book from 1959-1960.

Richie joined Irvine Co. Inc of Daphne AL 1981 and worked together with his youngest brother, Starke until 1986. He joined Cummings-Whitespunner of Mobile in 1989-1990. Richie then rejoined Irvine Co. Inc in May of 1990 until 1992 when he formed G.R. Irvine Real Estate of Daphne, AL which he owns and operates to this day.

Richie, like his father, Geo. Sr. and his brother Starke, is a successful real estate broker and follows a tradition in real estate of almost ¾ of a century.

  • George Richardson Irvine Jr. -- Email:

    • Schools Attended: Convental Mercy, Little Flower, Mobile AL
    • Graduate of McGill Institute, Mobile AL, 1950
    • Graduate of U of Alabama, Tuscaloosa AL 1954
      • BS Degree in General Business w/ option in Real Estate
    • Joined US Naval Reserves, Seaman, 1948-1952
    • Joined US Army, 1st Lieutenant, 1954-1956
      • Member of the Army Signal Corps
      • Remained in Army Reserves until 1962
    • Joined Cowan Irvine RE, Mobile AL, Nov 1956
    • Formed Irvine-O'Neil RE Co. Inc., Mobile AL, 1957
    • Worked for Riley Smith Inc., Mobile AL, 1959-1961
    • Formed Irvine and Co. Inc., Mobile AL, 1961-1962
      • Board of Directors of the Mobile County Board of Realtors
      • President of Mobile Association of Home Builders
      • National Director of the Association of Home Builders
      • President of the Parade of Homes of Mobile, 1961
        • Publisher of the 1st Plan Book, 1959-1960
    • Joined Irvine Co, Inc., Daphne AL, 1981-1986
    • Joined Cummings Whitespunner RE, Mobile AL, 1989-1990
    • Re-joined Irvine Co. Inc., Daphne AL, May 1990-1992
    • Formed G.R. Irvine Real Estate, Daphne AL, 1992-Present

Issue :-

George Richardson Irvine III, b. August 8, 1959 in Mobile, AL;
m. Sarah English, b. May 24, 1966 in New Orleans, LA
m. September 22, 1990
issue: 4 children

Anne Carson Irvine, b. July 26, 1961 in Mobile, AL;
m. John David Alexander Nicolson, b.
m. April 25, 1992
Issue: 2 children

Cecile Starke Irvine, b. June 12, 1963 in Mobile, AL;